Thursday, June 25, 2015

Fly High Sweet Girl


You sat on the porch
While we talked on the phone
So many miles
But it still felt like home

I so liked to talk to you
Given the choice
Music to my ears
Was the sound of your voice

We shared all our dreams
And even some pain
Oh I how just wish
To do it over again

But now you are gone
To a place far away
I know that you thought
You’d be better that way

Fly high sweet girl
Some memories just fade
But some will hang on
Like the good ones we made

Fly high sweet girl
We miss you so much
Lucky are the few
That got to know your touch

Fly high sweet girl
Yes I miss you so much
And what would I do
Just to feel that touch

So fly high sweet girl
Yes memories will fade
But some still hang on
Like the good ones we made


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