Thursday, January 1, 2009

Backups - That's for Computer Geeks

Chuckie the Computer Geek is making an "I told you so" comment relating to the latest story that Fabrizio the Facebook Freak found on our wall. Seems a friend of the the team and former coworker with John the Golf Course Guy, has had a problem with his cellphone and has lost all of his contacts.

All the rest of the guys are giving Chuckie a "Yah your right". I guess they might consider doing backups in the future.

It seems this is how we have all learned about the importance of doing backups of information that is hard to, or pretty much impossible to recreate . The nice thing about the editor that Raymond uses on this blog is that automatically does a Draft save every once in a while so his thoughts aren't up in smoke if there is a power failure or some other catastrophe.

So Taylor the Teacher decided that this story was important enough to put on Stuff123 and share Chuckies thoughts on backups with the rest of the world. Maybe they'll take it more seriously if it comes out of a teacher's mouth even if it's something that a geek knows as a quasi-religion.

So click on the link for the Story of Omar. We changed his name on the other site to John Doe. Hardly does his energetic personality justice.

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