Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Kinda' Quiet Here Lately

"Anybody home?"

Yep, just about the entire team has been over at Facebook and Stuff123 working on recruiting a new team—BozosBrigade. It sorta' goes like this.

Gorby the Gamer was playing a lot of games and, in partnership with Chuckie the Computer Geek, decided that it would be a good idea for Taylor the Teacher to write tips for all the fans to read. Gorby & Chuckie felt that Taylor has a better way with the English language and all they would have to do is get Raymond the Writer to pen a lot of it.

It started out a lot like the way talk show hosts do with Robin Williams. They feed him a starting idea and stand back and watch where it goes. We don't think Robin knows either. He jut lets it flow and flow and flow some more and it's just amazing.

So Gorby thought a good name would be GameStuff to go with ComputerStuff and WritersStuff. Otto the Out-of-Left-Field Guy piped up with his idea and that would be StuffIDontGet. It will be a look at things that the team just doesn't understand. Why do they even exist? It will go a little like this. Some titles.
  • Neckties - Why?
  • Forums - Why?
  • Tattoos - Why?
  • Personal GPS - Why?
And hopefully we can come up with some suggestions for would-be inventors for things they could do with this stuff. There's already way too much stuff in everybody's personal garbage dump and on eBay.

Fabrizio the Facebook Fanatic has been busy trying to recruit members for BozosBrigade. We're not looking for perfection and we don't want to turn anybody worthy away. People that we don't think will get an invitation are those that give you the finger or act rudely in their Facebook profile picture. The picture, name and location are about all Fabrizio has to go on. He's even been greeting new members and giving them a look see at what we're trying to accomplish. If they don't want to take part well they are welcome to stay with the team(s) they joined up with.

Raymond the Writer is busy trying to write interesting stuff about the members and one was just written today - "Are You A Plonker or A Noob?". The idea came from a conversation that Fabrizio had with a member of BozosBrigade. Just as Raymond finished the story, Bozo pipes up that he just made a bozoplay and he is now both of them.

Baxter the Baker, threw in a recipe for breadsticks and Pierre the Chef has a slow-cook-air recipe for chili and everybody else is working feverishly on new ideas. Infinity the Internet Expert is exploring all kinds of new worlds. We're even going to try talking in foreign languages we don't speak, to others in the group and get them to tell us how its working.

Prentice the Professor kicked in the question about "What will Replace Standard Time". He doesn't know but he wants you to start thinking about that because the whole universe is changing, never mind just the world.

And that's really what BozosBrigade is hopefully going to be. We all play games and help each other out as additional members of a team or crew and share tips and stuff. The real idea is to develop an Internet community that can share meaningful stuff across the world with each other and anybody who wants to drop into Stuff123 and take the time to read it.

And it hasn't gone without hitches. Seems in trying to be too helpful, Fabrizio and a few of the other members of the team have stuck there nose in a little deeper than they should have. So we apologize to anybody we might have offended.

BitsByBozoplay is the team's first love but it's not for everybody so that's why Stuff123 exists. It also contributes in a small way to paying the bills. Raymond likes to eat every once in a while. They will bounce back and forth a lot and will even link a little with Bozoplay's Blog on Fox Sports.

Hopefully, it will all be a lot of fun and we all might teach each other stuff and set an example for the rest of the people using the Internet. It's supposed to be about having fun and we are.

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