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Anno Quick Tips - Online Game

These are the items I use in help to provide quick information in the Help Chat window. They are in short form on purpose to avoid overflowing the chat limits for text.

Stay tuned here for future updates and I will expand the explanations. Any topic that starts with a coloured highlighted title is in fact the link to the detailed page.

USEFUL BASIC TIPS…Google "anno quick tips-online game" (bitsbyBozoplay) and locate the coloured link titled USEFUL BASIC TIPS. These tips are basic strategy and tactics that can make your island perform better.

COLONIZATION...Google "anno quick tips-online game" (bitsbyBozoplay) and locate the coloured link titled COLONIZATION which is a detailed explanation of the procedure.

TRANSPORT...First time transport requires vassals 1500, upgrade harbourmaster to level 2, cap that pier with "dock", transport ship. Cargo is shared both ways--40/0, 30/10, 20/20, etc.

TRADE...First time trade requires merchants 250, trade ship for purchases, pier capped with trade storehouse. Go to harbourmaster office to start trade. Use production costs as benchmark for pricing.

ORIENTAL GOODS PRICING…Spice ranges from 187 to 426 and changes price every 40 minutes. Indigo ranges from 135-172, Silk is 2.8K-4.5K.

NOT MOVING IN...New population will not move in if services and materials are not fully satisfied. Click on a residence and look for black bars and build the missing service and/or supply the missing materials. Check road connections as well. Carpenters workshop is the first service required.

UPGRADE RESIDENCE...Achieve 250 pioneers. Click on one and mouse over the solid green arrow to see cost. All needs must be met to start any ascension. All bars must be fully green.

MOVING IN SPEED...Pioneers move in at 1 minute per person, 17 min for Vassals, 24 min for Merchants, 32 min for Imperials as long as needs are met.

GRAPHICS GLITCH FOR SERVICES...On non-Newport islands, vassals and higher can have all black bars but this is just a graphics glitch and the services work fine. Click on the small icon on the black bar and look above for the check-marks to confirm

WIKI...Load in another browser tab. Use calculator to determine what buildings you need for your current population. Timeline will show you all the population levels, upgrades and events.

VISITATION ETIQUETTE…If you have the ability to make buffs, then it is considered a courteous gesture to leave a gift upon visiting a friend’s island(s). Your buff works at 150% of normal time on a friend's work yard.

HOUSING UPGRADES...Look in Island Population (Upper Right) at the Ascension Rights Table. Build the number of Pioneer Residences in the far right column. Make sure all needs are met. When in doubt build more pioneers to ascend anything but keep pace with additional production buildings.

GOODS DELIVERY…Items requested to be delivered in quests will do so automatically if they are in stock on Newport. Just click OK or checkmark to accept.

CONSTRUCTION HELP QUEST…You must buy the wood with rubies which they forgot to tell you.

HERB ISLAND…To discover this island you need small discovery ship with capable sailor. Regular sailor cannot find an herb island or medium islands.

START A TREASURE HUNT…Activate your treasure ship from inventory and locate it next to the lighthouse located offshore of the harbourmaster to the southeast. Click on the ship and then the treasure button.

DELETING SHIPS...Go to the lighthouse and pickaxe the idle ships you no longer require.

GUILDS…They only allow for mail and chat at this point so they are not worth very much yet.

ONLINE HELP... Use the anno forum, and also google "Anno Quick Tips-Online Game" or "bitsbyBozoplay" which is my blog containing links to the specific page.

DISTRIBUTION TROUBLESHOOTING...Double-click the harbourmaster on any island to see if all production buildings light up green. Any red building denotes a problem; either road connection or no DH in range.

STORAGE FULL...Either your warehouse is full of that item or the local building is loaded and carts are busy collecting more needed items. Time will adjust that problem or move/build a DH closer.

MOST COMMON ISLAND SEQUENCE...Newport, Hemp, Herb, Wheat, Grape, Beeswax. (see details in "Anno Online Game Tip ISLAND HUNTING" in bitsbybozoplay)

ISLAND SECTOR COSTS...These are located in islands sector research costs (google "Anno Quick Tips - Online Game (bitsbyBozoplay) for the actual link)

RUBY PIT...Build it on any 3x3 square of build-able land. Converts uncut rubies into normal rubies. Pit can be upgraded with 2900 rubies to improve rate to 1:1 instead of 2:1 uncut to normal. Load uncut from inventory bag to start process.

I am just another game player and do not have any affiliation with Ubisoft, BlueByte or anno. This blog and all stuff about anno online are my personal observations and are meant to be a supplement to the forum and which is a terrific game assistant for all the facts and figures of the game. I highly recommend the calculator in the game to help you with the production/population balance.

Personally, I can't stand online forums because finding stuff there is like looking through the bulletin boards at big grocery stores--the stuff is there but you have to hunt forever to find it. This blog is formatted in Blogger which offers so much more flexibility than chat or forums can ever provide such as including proper links. I use photoshop with screen captures and edit them accordingly to focus on topics.

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