Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Anno Online Game Tip BUFFS

Buffs are items that are produced in the Provision House to allow you to temporarily boost output of a production house (either your own or a friends). Your buff works at 150% of normal time on a friend's work yard (normal being twice regular production rate).

Why would someone buff another's fish hut??
Probably because they are lazy or just trying to waste a buff. Who needs more fish ever!!!

The Provision House has no upkeep cost and can be built in quantity on any island. It requires no road and can be placed almost anywhere provided there is sufficient green space for its 5x4 footprint. It can be rotated with the use of the “r” key.

Buffs can be made with several materials, take different times to produce and boost production for various times as noted next. Fried fish are made with 30 fish, take 10 minutes to make and normal boost time is 30 minutes. Cake is made with 12 flour, takes 40 minutes to make and normal boost time is 2 hours. Salads are made with 17 spices, take 2 hours to make and normal boost time is 6 hours. Roasts are made with 10 cattle, take 4 hours to make and normal boost time is 12 hours.

To apply a buff, you must open your inventory bag and select one boost and then apply it to the production building using the fist tool that appears. Any building that can be boosted will light up and will end up with a showery effect after the boost has taken. Positioning of the fist is important so you want to see the production building name when doing that. Mines are usually easier to select when you position the cursor over the mountain face and not the deposit square, for example.

Other buffs are available in the shop and during events.

If you have any doubt as to what to buff, it always better to buff the material that is first in any production chain which are also known as raw goods. Wheat is a raw good in the Bread production chain. Buffing Flour, for example, will use up wheat at the increased buff rate. Generally, speaking the highest goods in any player's current production mix are a good option if they are not available to provide you with their advice.

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