Sunday, October 13, 2013

What is Wrong with Government Representation Today

“No one in government, R(epublican) or D(emocrat), looks to the Constitution anymore when making laws and spending money. It is all about agendas and personal power.”

Once again someone’s post in Facebook provides the trigger for yet another writing topic for me. First let me start by saying that I am Canadian and am trying to understand what is going on in the United States now with the closing of all kinds of things that the American public has every right to visit and restricting access to them is bordering on the edge of “treason” or at least “insanity” (in my opinion) since no businessperson would even consider such an act for fear of losing all of its’ customer base.

And a lot of Americans will say that is none of my business, since I am not a resident but the actions taking place there have the possibility of providing ideas for my own countries’ political nuthouse. And the Internet is drawing the world ever closer so it is important to have an understanding of what takes part outside of your own backyard.

I have to agree that the idea behind why there is regional representation in a nation’s capital has gone wildly astray. In days of yore, it was necessary to have that approach to government since not everyone could find the means of travel to that location in a reasonable length of time. And the representatives actually lived a rather normal life within their jurisdiction and were known by most of the folks that lived there. Their agendas were a match to those people and the personal power was not really why they took the job in the first place. They were usually the best person for the job and nothing more.

The selfish approach that the representatives on both sides are taking cannot make their mothers very proud I would think especially in how they are dealing with the veterans’ memorial in that nation’s capital (Million Vet March). I think we are seeing a new emergence of a way of expressing ones’ opinion of how the current political bodies are representing ones’ overall interests.

And I have to believe it is only the beginning of a very ugly battle between a countries’ populace and the governing body (right and wrong). I am waiting to see how it may make its ugly shape known in my country, but I am sure the political folks in Ottawa are waiting anxiously to see what will take place south of the border.

I think I need to take out a copy of an old Chicago (the band) tune that started with a crowd chanting “The whole world’s watching” and listen to it again, because I have to believe that their eyes and political representatives all over the world are firmly planted on the United States to see what will happen next.

The song title is very appropriate for sure: It Better End Soon.

Political Humour
The only good politician is...
Oh that's right those really only exist in history books and Tom Clancy novels.Well most of them are just lawyers trying for more exposure to go back to practicing law to up their hourly fee for stalling stuff from completing. Politics is good practice for that now isn't it.

Have you ever met a lawyer or doctor who does more than just practice? Some do exist but they are mostly tied up by the really wealthy.

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