Thursday, July 24, 2014

Bozo Makes Sense of This Madness

Well maybe not to some of you out there, but I will attempt to make the titles more relevant to this blog and make searching for them much easier than before.

And I Can Fix Your Golf Swing would become Bozo Can Fix Your Golf Swing since he worked for years at a golf course that had lots of folks who did not play so well.

And Mentors - Take 3 would now become Bozo’s Mentors – Take 3 since they are very personal thank you’s  to people who made an impact on his individual development and he just wants to acknowledge that in print.

And some would remain the same like Laughter is an Instant Vacation which is still a personal take on the subject matter but is better left alone as a title.

Now I am not going to back to rewrite all the titles and am not really sure if blogger lets you do that so I will start doing that today.

...thanks Tanya, I got to play extra-long last night because of you was morning you bozo nice kiddies
...nice trick Maverick, you got them looking at other stuff
...I tink I am gonna’ make da Green Eggs and Ham but I call dem green heggs en am
...spellchecker is going crazy right now
...they are soooooo confused lmao
...getting a lot of folks saying WTF your language, this is a family show
...sing it Sheryl
...all I wanna’ do is have some fun

That will all be explained in the next post yet to be written but see if you can guess which members of the team are talking there.

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