Saturday, July 19, 2014

Time to Stop Singing National Anthems before Sporting Events

I just don't know how many times I can write about this subject, but being a person with some musical talent, I just hate to see/hear songs butchered in public. And so tonight I was watching a NASCAR event and fortunately I missed the latest “The Voice/American Idol” version due to a much needed nature call. After that race, TSN happened to be showing a Canada/USA lacrosse match no doubt since it must have been a slower than normal Saturday night for sports.

So this guy gets up and starts to butcher not one, but two National Anthems putting his own twist into two songs that were written to be sung only one way—the original way. So, in my opinion, if no one is going to stay true to the song, then it is time to stop slaughtering these songs. If you can’t do it in the way it was intended, well I just don't want to hear it. It isn’t much different than listening to someone singing off key in a drunken stupor at the local karaoke bar (which I never go to on purpose) which is a great way to punish someone for a criminal offense, in my opinion.

Enough is enough already. Just get on with the game. Forget about all those meaningless opening ceremonies that take way too long and only feature the sponsor’s family for purposes of getting them on television. What is wrong with the entertainment business today? Don’t you get enough money to not have to punish us for watching the event? Please stop. Pleeeeeeaaaase!!!!!

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