Wednesday, July 30, 2014

How to Cut and Paste Using Keystrokes

I write this simply because a new Facebook friend is one of those individuals that is smart but doesn't grasp the concept easily in a chat window in the online game we play together. I posted a URL address in the chat window and the game chat window has no direct link to the Internet so you must copy it and paste it into a browser to use it. She chose to write it down and enter it manually.

It’s not that she doesn't want to learn but she would rather see it done, have someone phone her and tell her how it is done or watch a video. Well she lives a long way away geographically, did give me her phone number but I am sort of cheap and a little shy about calling her long distance and am not really a good video guy so I will explain it with the help of some of the members of my team that make up my unique personality.

So take it away Terry the Teacher and Chuckie the Computer Geek.

…thank you Raymond
…Raymond the Writer, of course. Who else do you think it would be?
…The task is really quite simple and involves using the mouse, the left mouse button and a few simple key strokes. Chuckie please explain the details.

…thank you Terry
…First you move the mouse cursor to the left side of the text you wish to copy and then depress the left mouse button and drag over all the text
…next you depress the Ctrl key and the c key at the same time which will copy the highlighted text to the Windows clipboard
…having done that you now move the mouse pointer to the place where you wish to paste the text such as the search line in your Internet browser for a url address, as an example
…next you paste the text by depressing both the Ctrl key and the v key which takes the contents of the clipboard and pastes it to its new location
…the text remains in the clipboard until it is replaced by a new copy action or you shut off your computer

…thank you Chuckie
…calm down Lorenzo
…Oh I see you think Queenie is a “hermosa zorro”
…Lorenzo the Lover is Spanish and kind of old
…thank you for your attention and class is now dismissed
…Have a wonderful day!

…WTF I can’t paste this to blogger
…doh the Internet connection went offline for some reason
…I don’t know why.
…all computers are female anyway. They do what they want when they want.

…Infinity the Internet explorer found that spectacular picture of the hermosa zorro and borrowed it on behalf of the team.

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