Friday, August 1, 2014

Playdom is indeed dumb after all aka Playdumb

Maybe read the creative righting at the bottom--kind'a says it all!!!

They decided to just drop the game Pirates of the Caribbean that so many were playing on Facebook and where so many friends were made. They say that it is so they can focus on making new games and better ones. I suggest to them that they do not bother since they have just permanently pissed off so many of their current customers. No one in their right mind will bother to buy their product in the future.

The real truth revolves around how much money they are making versus server costs and they just decide to say it is not worth it.

So I suggest to Playdumb that you just shut the doors down to your entire operation because I will never play another game that you bring to the marketplace simply because you do not care about what makes your company successful in the first place—your customers. So I say to you reading this article and just say no to Playdom for forever.

We are all endeavoring to find another game that has alliances and will try to rekindle those valuable friendships there. Please suggest likely options below as long as they are not a Playdom product.

And maybe read my previous post on the future of online games.

And as the story further develops it appears that Disney is the one behind all of this and is laying off folks in Playdumb so you do see that Disney is not the family-friendly organization that he purports to be. Boycott Disney if you have the option and find a place to visit that is indeed caring about its customers.

Disney, the company that could care less about its customers and its employees, it would seem!!!

Some of us are working together in Battle Pirates by Kixeye and attempting to resurrect the DW family there but it is a slow process so stay tuned for further developments here.

I will be writing a new post describing the game in greater detail for those that are not familiar with same but it is similar to POTC with a more modernistic look to it such as missiles for weapons and it has been around for some time and does not appear to be going anywhere soon.

To those in Pearl and DW, we have lots of room for you so please come and join us for a game that is more like a 10 where POTC would be a 7. It is different but it will grow on you in the same way.

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