Friday, July 12, 2013

Blame the Victim has become the Norm in our Society


You see this type of lament on a regular basis in Facebook posts like this one that Jon placed today that showed up on my FB page. (I don’t normally use short forms but I figure Facebook doesn’t really need the advertising and you will figure this one out with no problem). I don’t know Jon in the true sense of the word friend, but we all have people in our group of FB friends that are just casual acquaintances. I’m sure that we just hooked up as an assist to make a FB game experience a little better. I do know that Jon is a sports’ fan because that is where I see home most often. (Jon was the one who said sad, not me but I totally agree with his feelings)

I won’t go into other details about Jon because I will respect his privacy. He appears to have similar values to mine and most likely would come from a family that taught him values and he learned them well.

I find that FB has more substance than Twitter and MySpace (I don’t use either). They are more about “hey look at me and read my important short meaningless statement”. If you are looking for Twitter you are in the wrong room here. Twitter is down the hall, next to the vending machines and behind the door where you find all those porcelain and stainless steel things.

Jon has chosen to use FB as a platform to just vent for now. At some point, it may blossom into full-blown “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore” mode. I’m sure that many will recognize this as a quote from the movie Network as uttered by the character Howard Beale as portrayed by Peter Finch. (I found it interesting that the reviewer site here doesn’t show the image at the top of this story. They showed less offensive images only and left out the most important message of that 1976 classic).

And so it goes, our society chooses to soften or even bend the truth and to redirect it somewhere else so that the blame goes somewhere else other than where it should be aimed; directly at the face of the culprit.

And Facebook is providing a platform for those who want to vent or scream out at the top of their lungs. (Somewhere in between will be the most effective approach, I think). Take the example of Monsanto and the genetically modified program they have been flogging worldwide. Monsanto has pulled out of many countries due to public pressure and hasn’t done so in North America yet. Eventually, the pressure will become strong enough that the political bodies that protect them will have to succumb and Monsanto will have to give in.

Keep expressing your concerns on Facebook because it is having an effect. The consumer buying power is a very effective tool for change in society. That is how you vote on the matter at hand. If you don’t like the practices of one of those big box outlets, you stop buying there even if it means you pay a little more. It is as simple as that.

Just a little financial advice here—you probably shouldn't invest in Monsanto shares. Selling short would probably be a better approach.

(lol Investopedia, there is a site for everything out there. How’s it going NSA. I guess I’m probably on your radar now but that’s OK I am a Canadian. NSA Canada is an organization for slo-pitch softball.


Canadians are known to be honest and maybe not as serious as they should be. I guess we’re a little small still—35 million isn't that big of a number anymore.

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