Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Laughter is an instant vacation

Kiss me gooodnightt, Eddieeeeee
How many people can actually say they laugh enough? Hands up. I bet if you did that in any room anywhere in the world with an adult audience you would be able to count the number with the fingers of one or two hands.

The stories say that you will live longer if you laugh more. George Carlin only made it to 71 (we are living longer) but I bet he added years to many viewers or audience members that had the pleasure of seeing him perform. 

Even Ed Sullivan was affected by laughter because he always made time for comedians in that moment when he would call the prankster over to the side of the stage and he would urge the audience to show extra applause for their efforts and Ed was always so serious until that moment.

C’mon now let’s hear it for the little mouse—Topo Geeegggiooo! (one hand raised high in the air and the head goes into the bobble head move. I wonder if the bobble head was inspired by someone watching Ed Sullivan).
I loved that show and mostly for all the people that were on it that made you laugh. 

The Red Skelton show ran for years because that man would make you laugh until your sides said STOPPPPPPP!!!! His closing approach was so genuine—Good night and god bless. I didn't have to look any of that up on the Internet. It had a lasting impression far beyond their time on this planet.

I can be at times a grumpy old man but I have found that I can get out of that rut a lot easier now. That has only been a relatively recent phenomenon since I more or less withdrew into the safety of my own world and protected myself from further disappointment. But it didn't work. I missed something. I wasn't laughing as much as I used to do.

One of the reasons is a place that I worked shut down and it was really in the hospitality business and I worked as a sort of entertainer there. The workplace control people called it the food business but it was a place called the Kleinburg Golf and Country Club that did serve food and that is where most of the revenue did come form in all honesty.

I prided myself as an employee that was well-liked and well-received by both patrons and employees alike and it had a lot to do with the fact the General Manager supported me in just about everything I did because I was also good for business. We are still good friends.

Laughter was probably the primary reason I worked there because you didn’t make any money in that capacity. Most of the employees are actually classified as seasonal/farm workers so the pay is in that same bracket. I had no problem with joking with the customers at the starting tee or while they had to wait for the foursome ahead to clear the green.

I did find that male lawyers seem to be able to take the most cutting lawyer jokes well but the female ones sometimes chased you with their driver if they didn’t like your joke. So I learned a little bit about where you are crossing a line. I found that if you could get a patron to loosen up on the first tee that they would have a better round or at least enjoy themselves more on that day. That is in the spirit of the hospitality business and it gets customers coming back.

Almost all of my material came from patrons who couldn’t wait to tell me their latest joke. Susheel (that is not the correct spelling of his name) told me my favourite joke about blind golfers and the punchline is delivered by one of the three players in the group behind the blind golfers who is an Indian businessmen type. Susheel just happens to be a successful businessman of Indian heritage (the country not the north American Indian). I will never forget his voice as he exaggerated his Indian accent—“Tell them to #$%^ing play at night!! I laughed extra hard that day. And Susheel would always take the time to say hello whenever he saw me at the course.

Recently, I have been reconnecting with some very special people in my past. Some are those that I have not been in touch with for over 30 years. And I know why. They all made me laugh my guts out.

I try to be a clown now and that is why Bozoplay is such a good handle for my persona. I find that I at times revert to being Bran the Businessman and I hate him (even more than Helen the Housekeeper who I would shoot if I owned a gun. Lazy does not begin to describe her).

A vacation recharges your batteries, loosens up all those wound up things inside and often presents you with experiences that are brand new. Chatting with a friend (old, new or brand new) does exactly the same thing and you can do that online as well as in the more preferred method of face-to-face.

So I use the chat windows in games or Facebook and make it funny if I can, email and have been expanding my face-to-face contacts since I have but one in my new home of London, Ontario. I actually do feel a lot better and it happens so quickly and you don’t have to hop on a plane and fly thousands of miles to get there.

And why didn't I think of that before because Sometimes I’m Stupid and Sometimes I’m an Idiot

Sometimes a vacation is staring at you in the mirror. It’s a very good idea to learn how to laugh at yourself.

May I remind you that we are all dead for a very, very long time.

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