Monday, July 8, 2013

There are only 16 colours—Peach is a Fruit

At least that's how guys see it.

I originally wrote this story in notes on Facebook until I discovered how to use a blog but never ported this story over to it. I just chatted with Scott briefly on Facebook and got two more story triggers in a short chat session, actually 3 because story triggers would be a useful article for people wanting to improve their personal writing skills.

Take Scott who said he only saw 8. He felt he hadn't developed a sense for colour yet (i don't think he was 21 yet).

On the other hand, women have a name for every colour.

Some time ago, I worked for a large Canadian paint company (CIL paints then, ICI Paints at the time of writing and now under the wing of Akzo Nobel) in the marketing department—me and 5 women. Kitty was one of the best bosses I ever had. She let me play. I learned to use the computer way back in the 1980's when memory chips were a thousand dollars a megabyte (no I'm serious!). My first work computer had a 30 MB hard drive, a 5.25" floppy drive and a green on black screen (all pre-Windows).

But more about how women see colour.

We were introducing a new colour system. You know the display that you pick colour chips from and try to decide what that little 1 and a quarter inch square will look like in your house.

I walked into Kitty's office and there were the gals pondering over a mess of chips on the floor—all 1152 of them. They were in the process of giving them names.
They asked me what I saw in two particular chips and I said I see light purple and lighter purple. They, of course, saw Whispering Pines and Lilac Dreams.

Never argue with a woman about colour. It's a fact that women are not as subject to colour blindness as men. If you are unsure if you are colour blind, there is a simple test you can take on the web. I found out I wasn't colour blind—just name deficient.

...Google it for now...I'll figure out the hyperlink later
...this is my third day on this site you remember playing with crayons? just got more confusing when you got the jumbo set.
...funny how when you mix all the colours together you get mud
...the same is true for music—too many sounds makes mud
...some of the best music includes the selective use of silence graphics they call that "white space"

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