Monday, August 11, 2014

Advice for Dumb Asses - 1

This is a lost cause of course, since a dumb ass "never reads nothing" fully and only sees what they want to see. This is the first in a whole series of posts about these idiots designed to direct the frustration we all have with existence of this type of individual in our society. I truly believe that it should be a crime to be a dumb ass and you should serve prison time for such actions.

I decided not to post the picture of Tony Stewart here because the dumb asses would think I was calling Mr. Stewart one. A tragedy in car racing took place last week in which Tony just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time along with the driver that was killed because he wasn't thinking clearly in the aftermath of his current situation and left his disabled car much too early and was now in a very unsafe position.

The subsequent events which happen in just a few blinks of the eye resulted in his death. Because this track is a smaller venue with poor lighting, there will likely be no useful video available to even begin to look at what really transpired. This type of situation used to be resolved in the pits back in the day when I first started watching car racing. The track is not a good place to resolve differences of opinion and one could even say that the actions of the other driver are in the area of being a dumb ass move but I choose not to judge on that since I was not there.

In my opinion, NASCAR and other racing bodies are mostly to blame for this type of incident. There insistence on controlling every aspect of the racing environment has spawned this "good for TV" idea of taking out your frustrations in the public eye right in the middle of the race. Go kick the snot out of each other in the pits like they used to. Your body will heal and produce more snot but a car and a human being is a really bad match. I think NASCAR management are the true Dumb Asses in this situation.

Sadly Tony Stewart, Kevin Ward Jr. and his family are now suffering the consequences of that over controlling approach to sport that is so prevalent nowadays.

Its all about the money now, ain't it.

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