Monday, August 4, 2014

The Justice System has been replaced by the Legal System

Once again I have Marty to thank for this latest trigger. Haven’t seen him in over 6 months but that doesn't matter much for good friends. He always provides a new twist on life for me and inspires a new topic and that is the true definition of a muse thanks to the help of another very new friend. (Facebook chat does a nice job of storing past conversations so I found the word muse there since it is not one I have used in the past and it is a good one). More ostentatious people call that a luminary but neither of the two friends I mention here are even close to that description.

Somehow the justice system got taken over by the likes of bankers, lawyers, doctors, pharmaceutical businesses, politicians, judges and the like. The latter two are mostly all sourced from the lawyer pool anyway if you really do look at it closely.

Marty and I both worked at a golf course together that held many charitable golf days and we got to see so many of those individuals at work arriving in their ultra expensive cars and showing off their latest expensive acquisitions (they really don’t know how to play it seems. Golf is still work for them and the day is about making the right “connection” and not about having a fun time gathering monies for a worthy cause).

The justice system used to be about doing what is right for others. The legal system is more about what you can get away with now and how much you can charge for that “service”.
(supplying aids or services rather than products or goods: Medicine is one of the service professions.

Lawyers learn early that they are best at their profession if they really do nothing and delay the resolution of any matter and thus improve the billing cycle for themselves. I cite Gary Bettman as a prime example of that in his role as the Commissioner of the NHL. He never played hockey or any other sport well I would think and yet he thinks he has the skills to drive that business. Driving it into the ground is what he does very well in my opinion. Note to the owners of the NHL franchises: I can do that for a lot less money if you like, but you never know, I might actually improve stuff there for all parties.

And since the rest of them come from the same pool of sharks (lawyer school), you get to argue your problem with the graduates of first stage "lawyering" aka judges, politicians and government in general. And so you are just arguing with the folks that drive the legal system that perpetuates poor solutions to a simple problem. The guilty get reprimanded and not punished and the system just charges fees for that service. It is a system that is measured in dollars now and not in how often justice gets served in the right proportions.

Marty continues to work at a golf course and still gets to see the retired ones in action and mostly on Monday to Friday since they still go to work on those days at the course but never on a weekend since they are there too but now on the golf course enjoying their “days off”.

I think I need to run a course on how to retire successfully and it has not so much to do with money. It is more about taking on the right attitude. You worked your butt of to retire so learn how to enjoy yourself in those years. Don’t’ fall into the trap of working Monday to Friday.

Oh yah this is Monday. I forgot I was having too much fun today and the day has only just started really. More fun is set up for later.

...Bran the Businessman is permanently retired
...sorry that is not quite correct
...he is dead

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