Sunday, August 3, 2014

An Invitation to DW and TBC Folks that Played POTC

Both Bozoplay and Stuff thoroughly enjoyed meeting wonderful new folks in that game but seems Disney had to spoil that awesome time. And after we got over being thoroughly pissed off, Stuff came to his senses and ditched the game forever and so did Boz. What was the point of playing it since most of those friends would not be there.

They were players like Battle Kitty (Why was I not surprised she is a feisty read headed lass), cheeky (a natural born killer yet he saves lives in real life, go figure), D4 (happens to be a proud father of 4 wonderful children and Infamous Samuel happens to be one and played for TBC also), Puss (who is a master of playing the game within the game. How many bimmers did you drive in that game, lol), Petey (who made sense out of a madness and even Blackbeard was sorry after all of it. Both of them are nice people), Arrr Missy (who will definitely read this because she likes the way I write) and NORSE QUEEN (the upbeat and super happy gal from Alabama that gave Stuff her phone number in the first conversations they had. Stuff is gonna’ call her, as soon as he gets up the nerve) and a host of so many other folks.

But I have Smartly Gus aka Paul to thank for getting Stuff into Battle Pirates and woke up Bozoplay who had been sleeping there for over a year now. It ain’t your mother’s game no more. Kixeye made it way better and they even ban
players still who don’t play by the rules. On a scale of 1-10 it is close to a 10 and POTC would be around a 6 or 7. We are rallying the troops there and had only 3 on day 1 and now about 12 or more on day two so it is going slowly still.

Let me tell you some of the neat things about the game that POTC didn’t have
Communication with other players exists in local and alliance chat but is a lot smaller so you need to be brief (which is trying on both Boz and Stuff) but it has private messaging with any player in the game

·       You eventually can have 16 fleets and one of them is your base defence fleet
You get to build the base any way you like with an advanced 2D Base planner and you can save them so you could drive your opponents crazy by flipping them.

There are several ways to get better than standard researched items in missions and events. The former pop up occasionally and you trigger the 3 day span within a week timeframe. The events are level dependent so you qualify for them when you reach those levels and play them at your convenience. Uranium is sort of like gems but I haven’t figured that out. Will ask the nice folks here what it does later.

You don’t have to jump to neighbouring sectors since they are all linked together so travel time is the only consideration. You might want to jump to sector 900 if you are in 200 for example. That would be a slow boat to China

You can individually control each ship in a battle.

And a gazillion other things that you are just going to have to come here to see for yourself

So I am enticing you to come to Battle Pirates by Kixeye and join in the fun with friends again and get DW back to what it did best—friends having fun playing games together. Stuff and Petey, I know will help Jens with the reformation. Stuff has already started it in sector 241.

Games are about having fun. Winning is the result of having way too much fun. Come join us here and act like happy children having more fun than a barrel of monkeys with an unlimited supply of bananas. We really hope to see you here because we miss you a whole bunch. Mix some Chiquita bananas with some Cockspur rum and other stuff and we are there, lol

…Otto when are you going to sleep through the night for a change
…who’s Otto? Otto the Out of Leftfield Guy and he gets his best ideas it seems at 4 in the morning
…we all have an Otto in us. If you want to know more dig into my blog

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