Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Sometimes the Funniest People are the Saddest

Another Facebook status line that speaks to the truth of the matter. Another said that today is the day that the laughter died, well it certainly feels like that but I think when the pain goes away we will look back at all the joy that Robin gave us and remember him for what he truly was--a comic genius that somehow lost his way.

You are a great loss and promise I will not forget you. Nano, nano.

Just imagine the act now there up in heaven, Robin now gets to play with George (Carlin) and Jonathan (Winters). The laughter will never stop there so the only pain they will feel is in those good hurt rib splitting laughs that one gets when you can't even breathe because you are laughing so hard. I bet they are playing "I can make you split a gut better than you can". I bet they are all really happy there now because they deserve to be so.

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