Monday, August 11, 2014

Dumb Azz Behaviour 101

The following are some of the things that you can use to easily identify a dumb ass in action. A smart person can also lose sight of their senses and perform dumb azz behaviour so do not be so quick to judge others lest you be considered a dumb ass as well. (Did that one myself right at the time of penning this). It is a vicious circle like dumb and dumber and I include myself as a long standing member of that group.

When using a computer they search incessantly for the ANY key.

When asked to help with making split pea soup, they ask where they can find the pea splitter.

They try to go water skiing on land and use anything remotely close to skis to travel on gravel, grass, pavement, or all of the above while being towed behind a pickup truck, often in heavily populated areas. Dumb asses seem to attract other dumb asses very easily. Must be the wavelength they are on—extremely short with very limited range.

They put their hand on the stove burner to see if it is hot.

They eat food out of the microwave as soon as the tone rings for the timer.

They put their hand inside cages to pet animals that are showing signs of attack.
Never had a cat that looked like that!
They give machines guns to monkeys to watch them play. (That one is on the Internet, prove that you are not a dumb ass and go find it)

They leave animals in locked cars in the daytime in the middle of heat spells.

They leave children in locked cars at anytime. A child is too valuable to leave unattended for any reason.

They try to move a mobile home using two trucks to tow it. Yep that is on the Internet too. They were semi successful in their move.
I would think that this person goes to a store that has an all no-meat meat section probably at a local Walmart maybe. I think the cows and pigs, for example, that saw their last light of sunshine in a slaughterhouse, might think differently about being harmed in the process of preparing the meat for sale at the store. How does someone like this cope with the daily stuff? Maybe you should have paid attention in school when they talked about that stuff instead of checking out the latest chia pet toys from Ronco or whoever sells that junk now, on your cellphone. Amazing that you can actually use one of those.

Most every politician is basically a dumb ass because they can't get a real job and so they get lost in the whole political system and come up with some really dumb ass ideas or statements like the one in the picture below. There is one simple reason they do that because someone pays them to think that way. They are called lobbyists but are also just dumb asses.
Solar and wind energy would be the way to go if it were not for all the dumb asses trying to protect the nonrenewable resource/energy businesses that fund the politicians' campaigns and other stuff. It is all about the money for dumb asses, now ain't it.

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