Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Dumb Azz Behaviour 102

...it continues.

The following are some of the things that you can use to easily identify a dumb ass in action. A smart person can also lose sight of their senses and perform dumb azz behaviour so do not be so quick to judge others lest you be considered a dumb ass as well. (Did that one myself right at the time of penning this). It is a vicious circle like dumb and dumber and I include myself as a long standing member of that group.

Today I went for my "daily" walk (now 3rd in a row, seems I am a dumb azz for putting those walks off for so long).

Anyways I saw a dumb azz in action making one of those 50 x 16 concrete pads for the driveway. Seems they needed to make a cut in the concrete (expansion joints I figured) using one of those industrial circular saws on steroids with like a 12" or bigger circular blade. So he starts cutting away with no eye protection and no mask over his mouth and nose. I bet he complains that he is short of breath, coughs a lot and at least he didn't have a butt hanging from his mouth. Thankfully, it was a nice breezy day and the cloud of dust was blowing away from my direction while I walked by. I still covered my mouth and nose until I was clear. I ain't no dumb azz as one friend keeps reminding me.
And here are my tax dollars at work locally in a parkette called Cove Lookout. The bench looks sort of appealing but it is set back from the "view" and all you get is iron fencing mostly in your view.

And when you approach the gate to try to get to the actual lookout, you "kent" get there because it is padlocked. 

No doubt, the local neighbours made that happen since this was probably going to be a local hang out for the mischievous young ones in the neighbourhood on warm summer nights. Some dumb azz politician probably agreed to doing this since the land is not that suitable for building a house like the two flanking it on either side. So there goes a good idea gone bad because the politicians didn't bother to think the process through to completion.

...and apparently in Arizona a 39-year old instructor was accidentally killed by a 9-year old student shooting an Uzi machine gun at his shooting range. If you are going to train someone to use firearms properly you do not let that child hold that weapon on her own. It is sort of like trying to teach someone to drive for the first time in a Formula 1 racing car. It seems he was not qualified to teach gun safety and paid the price for his own stupidity and that child will never be the same now. So sad.

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