Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Our School System is Failing Today’s Children

No basketball hoops in sight
The playground apparatus here is just a symbol of how the system has diluted the need for individuals to excel and come out on top of the heap. I think the idea of this toy is to not have them play a competitive game with a possible winner and a possible loser. If a ball goes in over the top it will come out of one of those 3 holes and I guess is supposed to support sharing.

Well the reality in life is that there are winners and losers in everything and sharing is a choice thing and should not be mandatory. We used to play pickup road hockey for hours and the score would be like 125 – 122 when we had to go home for supper and no one cared. We decided how to change the teams up to make it a little fairer and thus we learned how to negotiate on that playing field and no one got upset.

The teaching profession that wants to homogenize the system in such a manner that the cream does not rise to the top is failing the entire future of our culture. But not to worry, those that have the penchant to excel will find a way once they get away from this neutralizing method of teaching. Sadly, the ones that lose out are the average and above average that can learn how to do better with proper coaching. Those that don’t try will always fail and it seems that is OK by these new standards. Those that don’t try still pass today but that teaches them nothing useful.

All I can say is thank you to all my teachers that pushed me to do better because you were right to do that. I hope the Mr. and Mrs. Milktoasts of today’s teaching profession retire soon and make way for a new breed of “Get It Done Better” and “Seek to Excel” because that is doing the student justice.

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