Thursday, August 7, 2014

My Knight in Tarnished Armour

What tarnish?
Once again got a terrific trigger (writing idea) from a new friend on the Internet and this one is one half of a very nice couple that lives in Louisiana. (Armour is spelled with a ‘u’ ‘cause I’m Canadian and damn proud of it, lol). As I understand it this is her second marriage and her new hubby is working as a truck driver so he is not at home all the time.

So her new interpretation of how a marriage works successfully revolves around the idea that he earns the money and she takes care of their castle. So since he is her Knight there is a reason she calls it tarnished and that can be interpreted in so many ways. I don’t know all the real reasons, but he could be older, maybe not going to be featured on the cover of GQ, maybe his job is such that he comes home a little tattered, etc. etc. It really doesn’t matter what the real reason is.

What truly matters is she accepts him for what he is and nothing else matters. They truly love each other and we must suffer that in alliance chat in the game because our teeth hurt so badly for all the sugar in the air. Truthfully, we are all just jealous. More couples could learn from this approach to making a successful relationship in life and the divorce courts and lawyers would go broke in the process. If you ain’t got no work, you ain’t gonna’ get paid now are you!!!

Here’s a challenge for you put all those parasitic lawyers out of business. Start by working on your relationship with someone special of the opposite sex. I do take my own advice too. Some work is really worth the reward.

All I can say to the couple in Louisiana is “Good for you”. They got it figured out in time. We are all dead for a very, very long time. Stop wasting valuable time and use it more wisely just like you would with electricity. Maybe turn off the stuff you aren’t using and save it for what is important—the here and now.
my momma said i was born perfect, so im not tarnish
I see that as Southern Pride speaking and it all depends on how you view the definition of tarnish. It can range from minor blemishes to severe surface damage and I think she sees them all as in the first group. As you go through life, it is quite hard to do all things perfectly but working at it all the time gets it real close, reaalllly close.

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