Thursday, November 27, 2008


Bozoplay is just one of the millions and millions of lucky people who discovered the joys of playing Texas Hold’em online for free.

…yes, you do have to have access to a computer so it’s not totally free
...and I do play in small stakes sit and go's now

Bozoplay is my playing name for online poker sites. I chose it because Bozoman was already taken. Pokerstars is my site of choice right now—partly because I'm a fan of Daniel Negreanu, fine young Canadian lad.

But it turned out to be kind of a blessing for me. I discovered when I played online and made a particularly dumb play I would utter the phrase to myself

“What a Bozoplay!!”

…more often than I liked, and sometimes out loud

It helped me to stop and think about what I just did wrong and I learned. I now focused on the second half and started working on keeping the first half locked away. Play and don’t be such a bozo.

I also rediscovered the clown in me—the one that just loved to have fun.

It also triggered my interest in writing. Since you have time between hands, it helped me deal with the slow players.

...the off switch in my brain seems to be broken

...and why do people sit out in play money games?

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