Sunday, November 30, 2008

I Am a Two Finger Typist

Actually, I'm not. This was included in an email response from a good friend. I have the greatest respect for Pete and I was looking for some honest feedback on my blog. I'm sure Pete will recognize that some of his personality traits have rubbed off on me. And I don't need to know what he might think about my blog right now. He will find a way to tell me when he's ready.

And it's OK, we don't have to communicate on the computer. We will do it the old fashioned way. We'll go have a cup of coffee.

To me, the statement regarding the two finger typist thing is a metaphor, or maybe a polite reminder that not everybody is on the same page as you are. 

I had a bad habit of jumping ahead in people's story, completing sentences, telling the punch-line before they finished the joke—truly annoying stuff.

Bill, a coworker, snapped me out of this disgusting habit. He would come into my office to discuss a major customer's predicament. He would start at A, provide pertinent details, go to B when A was completed, and so on. I, like a bozo, would jump to M. 

Well Bill had a great way of putting me in my proper place. He would just start all over at A, provide pertinent details and continue on with B. If I jumped to G, he would start all over at A and so forth.'s kinda' like watching a dog going through its ceremony when it wants to lay down goes around around in circles until it's good and ready to lay down
...if you interrupt him, he just starts the whole procedure from the beginning

I don't jump to M anymore. In the long run, the time you were looking to save gets wasted in even bigger chunks.

So show some respect for all the two finger typists out there. Your way isn't necessarily the better way—it's just different.

...there's no need to prove to your friends that you can be a bozo
...they already know that
...that's why they love you

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