Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Reading Is For People In Jail

The title is a copy of an actual statement in a friend's Facebook profile under Favorite Books.

I was taken aback by this because she is a very bright and considerate person. It just supports the poor job our public and high schools have done in getting our youth to actually read something longer than a text message or an email.

Reading should be an escape, seen as an adventure, take you somewhere you've never been, get you thinking outside the box. It should be exercise for the brain, not punishment. Schools use the term compulsory or required reading. Where's the joy in that?

Reading should be deemed as a reward. Reading is a valuable privilege. You don't get a lot of privileges in jail.

Most of my enjoyment in reading took place in soothing locales like a poolside setting in Barbados, a rolling dock in cottage country, a balcony overlooking the setting sun on the golf course in the Arizona desert, the over sized bed in an bigger than necessary condo in Whistler, in a lounge chair in a friend's backyard. And a lot of times, I woke up from the most refreshing nap I had experienced in recent months. I felt like I had actually taken a vacation.

Books took me to outer space, every continent on this planet, the open sea, the mysterious depths of the ocean. I met pirates, adventurers, beautiful damsels, people in just about every occupation there is out there. I took trips in magnificent machines, on powerful animals, in great sailing ships, on a path that I've never seen before. Saw creatures I could have never imagined existed.

...doesn't sound much like jail to me
...too bad a lot of us weren't encouraged to see it that way

...sadly I don't read as much as I used to must be something that's going around

Marty, our general manager, at least gave me hope that when I commented that young people don't read anything anymore, he quickly responded that his youngest, Kelly can't get enough of reading.

...she will never see the inside of a jail cell
...that's what good direction will do for you

As Tim Allen said on his website, READ SOMETHING. You will be rewarded for your uncharted journey into the unknown. There's nothing to be afraid of.

Treat yourself. Take a trip to never-never land. a book for a change

Here's an addendum to this story. I asked my friend to take a look at this stuff. She corrected me in that she reads a lot. It's a quote from a movie she had seen and it stuck with her. She's working hard at media studies. So you see it is true, you can't judge a book by its cover.

...time for a Gilda here—Nevermind
....old line from Saturday Night Live
...funny stuff

...How's it Hangin'?, Gilda left us too soon


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