Friday, November 28, 2008

The Perfect Hand

What makes the perfect hand in the game of Texas Hold’em

…the Perfect Hand starts when the hole cards are dealt – the King and Queen of hearts
…husband & wife – dad & mom
…the flop is Jack, 10 & 9 of hearts, no particular order

…it represents the beginning
…your children
…they like each other and play well together, they like adventure, they’re safe and nearby
…any professional poker player will tell you that this is already a winning hand – almost impossible to beat
…the turn card can be almost anything

…it symbolizes change
…it’s only purpose, in the perfect hand, is to give the other players hope
… something to cling to for the now defeated or it may send a message that maybe, this journey should end
…now comes the river – the Ace of Hearts

…just an exclamation point
…confirmation that you were on the right track all along
…rewarding the player with the just rewards that an invincible hand deserves
…this river is sparkling and clear
…the river also serves to dash the hopes of the pretenders, the false prophets of what is important in life
…their hand was inadequate
…to them the river is dirty
…it hints of probable failure, an unpleasant outcome for the opposition
…and why hearts?

…love is all around
…yes, you can win with the same hand in clubs, diamonds and spades
…clubs represent your church, your team, your place of work, your group of friends
…diamonds represent wealth – spiritual and monetary, your health and well-being
…spades represent hard work and loyalty, strength and conviction
…most people will agree, family is the most important of them all
…I think that’s pretty close to perfect

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