Friday, November 28, 2008

Life Experiences 101

One of weakest parts of the education system, just about everywhere, is its inability to prepare students for the simple tasks in life. That was pretty much the job of parents, neighbours, friends and caring schoolteachers. Few take the time, or have it, to pass on this simple wisdom.

Here is an example of an eyebrow-lifting event in my past. I was at a party located in an apartment where the tenants had moved almost all of their belongings. It was the final celebration of this abode. At the end of the evening, there were a few of us left in the room where everybody ends up in a party – the kitchen, of course. All that was left in the cupboard was some instant coffee, a pot and a few cups. There was no kettle in site. So we boiled the water on the stove.

Little “C”, who was in her second year of university actually said this – “How do you tell when the water is boiled?” We jokingly replied, “It’s brown on the top.” Needless to say most of us were dumbfounded by the question because she was serious.

…I don’t think she actually graduated
…probably completed her MRS degree first

What I am proposing is that we need to get back to the basics in the education system – Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, Home Economics, Woodworking, Grammar, Respect, etc.
Start it in grade school, through high school and on throughout higher levels.

…more topics to write about
…Stephen, in the shop, says my head is full of useless information
…I think they call that knowledge
…funny how you will come to use it again and again

Can you make a grilled cheese sandwich?

Jen, in the golf shop, described how she buttered the toast, put in the cheese and threw it in the microwave. There happened to be an older customer in the shop who expressed his opinion that, no no, that’s not how it is done. He described the time-honoured ceremony of buttering the bread on the outside; placing the cheese on the inside and cooking it in the frying pan.

…At least Jen can make a cheese sandwich.
…Jen’s version is probably a little healthier though

So let’s group the simple stuff into one course – call it Life Experiences 101. Teachers will be selected from all walks of life but the more experienced the better.

…I think I might be qualified

…BitsByBozoplay is the first stage of groupings within Facebook, now a blog, and ultimately (with any luck) paperbacks for those that prefer to do their reading in the comfort of their favourite chair, bathtub, toilet, lawn chair, park, etc,
…I think the recipes will appear in a grouping called “Pierre's Kitchen”
…I just made an egg sandwich in the microwave with egg, margarine, milk, ketchup, honey mustard, fresh chives and basil
…tasty try out

…I don’t mean to insult you by calling you a Bozo
…you see, I am Bozo (no, not a Bozo. Just Bozo to my friends)
…if I wanted to insult you I would have called you a bozo
…you may have noticed that I don’t give out names for people doing negative stuff
…that’s respect, isn’t it?

…yet another article

...I do ramble, don't I?

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