Sunday, November 30, 2008

The B17 System

When I was first learning Texas Hold'em, I was pretty much winning by dumb luck. Poker players know that you need something more than that to continue successfully. So I went in search of a system and, low and behold, I ended up developing one that was simple enough for to me to understand.

I'll call it the B17 system. It's in reference to the mainstay of the U. S. bombing campaign on Germany. This old lady was pretty tough. It had four engines and it didn't need all four to fly, albeit it couldn't carry out the mission without all four being operational.

With four engines, it was in attack mode. With three, it was possible to continue but caution should be taken. With two, it was now in defensive mode and would have to return to base. With only one engine operational, it was in the "on a wing and a prayer mode."—get it home anyway you can.

So here's the parallel for poker. We'll assume you know what blinds and chip-stack mean. 

If you don't there's a ton of sites out there to check this out.

Poker terms from Pokerstars is a link to a play money site page for inquiries about poker terms. If you don't already know, .net is a play money site, .com is the cash site and you can also take part in play money games on . com. You decide which is better for you. Do not play for real money until you are ready.)

If your chip-stack is 16 -20 times the big blind, you are running on all four engines (5 times the big blind = 1 engine). You can be reckless and play most any hand. You can bully the other players into submission. It's much like you are in a big raid with fighter escort.

If your chip-stack is 11- 15 times the big blind, you are running on 3 engines. You need to be a little more cautious here. It's only wise to play with stronger hands. Where'd the fighters go.

If your chip-stack is 6-10, you're on 2 engines. Time to play it safe. Consider playing only pockets pairs and big Aces. Returning to base. Roger that...

And if it's 5 or less, you're on 1 engine and about to crash, so pick a landing site carefully. You have to decide what hand you are going to go all-in with. Mayday! Mayday!

...I usually hold on to the last possible hand unless something better comes along like pocket pairs
...not unlike getting an engine to re-fire in a B17

It's not foolproof but it's a pretty good guideline to follow. So if you learning the game, this might help you a little. hat is off to those who flew the B17 in World War II
...for me the movie Memphis Belle did a nice job of giving us an idea of what it was like to fly a mission
...(you know how to Google, look the movie up)
...but I still think it is awfully hard to depict what really took place inside those birds
...they were all just kids, and a lot of them didn't get to see what life had ahead of them

...Thank you

....losing at poker is kinda' insignificant

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