Friday, November 28, 2008

Mice Print

As I'm new to world of blogging, I started snooping around in other people's sites. I was sort of amazed at the number of sites that used very small fonts. People, you have to realize something. Not everybody has 20/20 vision. I stopped reading mice print a long time ago.

...needless to say, I didn't spend too much time on these sites
...I'm certainly no expert but I spent a lot of years in marketing inviting presentation gets return customers

There is nothing more annoying to me than to pick up a package in the grocery store and find that the they have jammed all the important instructions onto the end flap using mice print (like 5 or 6 points).

...Wikipedia defines a point as rounded to an even 72 points to the inch's a measure for typefaces used in desktop publishing
...if you use Word or Excel you are already familiar with this concept

Granted some of the reasoning for needing to go to a small font is some of the extra stuff that's on the package—UPC codes, warning labels, et al. Still we are getting older and not even a pair of "bang on" prescription eyeglasses is going to solve this problem.

So my message to all writers, packaging designers and young graphic design people is

Write bigger the same thing in all caps and it looks like you are shouting
...learned that in the chat window while playing on Pokerstars

...the only problem with getting older is that your arms aren't long enough
...ever notice gramps trying to read the newspaper without his reading glasses
...maybe the newspaper should use a larger font

And sometimes I'm Just a bozo. So I discovered, if you use Ctr ++ (Ctrl key and + key depressed at the same time) in any of the three browsers I tried, the text will enlarge and can be made easier to read. It actually is making the page larger on the screen so it results in chopping some of the display off. It wasn't what the author intended but it certainly makes it more readable.

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