Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Let's Call It A CC

The other day I showed up at the golf course to start my shift as starter.

…In November in Canada no less, if you can believe that – high 60’s F/18 degrees C

Like a bozo, I forgot my watch at home so I asked Rob in the shop if I could borrow his.

…Good example of a bozoplay
…Good people help you out

He wasn’t wearing one but he said I could borrow his cell phone.
He had it charging on top of the sparsely stocked pop machine.

Looking at this tiny little thing, I realized they’re not just a phone any longer.
Seems to me a camera, phone, music & video player, text messaging, personal calendar, address book, etc. yearns for a different name.

Rob and I kicked around the concept of calling it something different.
Rob asked “So what would you call it?”

Simple, a CC. (pronounced see-see)
Short for a Cellular Communicator.
Maybe it will catch on.
Rob thought that was a good idea.

…Don’t like text messaging much
…Seems to me it’s a weak attempt at communicating

…I hit multiple keys on a standard computer keyboard
…Who has those tiny little fingers required when using the keyboard on a CC anyway?

…Customers lose them on the course a lot
…One guy lost his inside the dash of his rental golf cart
…Alex had to take the cart apart to get it out
…Rob’s a good guy. So is Alex. Yes Ryan, you too
…Don’t forget to thank the good guys

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