Friday, November 28, 2008

How's It Hangin'? How's It Goin'?

If you read enough of my stuff, you will see the use of these statements when I refer to someone in an article. Both are meant to be an expression of deepest respect, a simple it's good talking to you.

The difference is really quite simple. How's It Hangin'? is used in reference to those who are sadly no longer with us in the flesh but are not forgotten. They were an important stop along the way.

How's It Goin'? is used in reference to those who are still kicking their feet in the sand (as opposed to sleeping under it).

...need to spend more time with the goers

I'd like to extend a How's It Hangin'? to Rodney Dangerfield. When I visited his website, I was touched by the respect his friends had for him and saddened by the thought that they felt he hadn't got the respect he so richly deserved. So Rodney, I'll say, "Gimme one of these™".'s probably not actually a trademark, but he made it famous
...How's It Hangin'? Rodney
...How's Dr. Vinnie? you remember Dr. Vinnie Boombotts (one of the funniest names ever!)

...yep, it is a little better to be goin' than hangin'
...way too soon to be fertilizer

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