Sunday, November 23, 2008

Profiles - Bozoplay

y, aka Bozo, aka Bo

Personality Traits

childlike, clown, playful, sarcastic
Speaking Voice(s)

Goofy, Caesar (talking gorilla from later Planet of the Apes movie)

1st string Quarterback

Current Status

Active (an understatement)
Introductory Blog Location


Bozo is the guiding light behind the creation of stuff about life, BitsByBozoplay. He is the common thread that binds the team together as one unit. He likes to get in the last word.

He is not one-dimensional. He appears periodically on Fox Sports Community in his blog, Bozoplay's Blog (masthead Bozo Says). He appears with the storm avatar symbolizing his tendency to stir things up.

Bozo is hard to deter showing dependable resiliency. It's hard to kill a clown, they are mostly made of rubber.

The file name attached to the gorilla was originally called "Great Face - Evil". It was a complete misread on it's true meaning. It has become Bozo's visual signature on the Internet. It expresses how intensely he thinks about stuff. The gorilla is blind which makes it easier for him to see things more clearly in his mind's eye.

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