Monday, December 1, 2008

The Favourite Reading Room

Just like the fact that everyone at a party ends up in the kitchen, I think that we all would choose the same room in the house for the perusal of our favourite reading material. That room would, of course, be the family bathroom. Some people are lucky enough to have a choice. They don’t have to climb the stairs if they don’t want to.

When we were a lot younger, we used to mail away for all kinds of fishing catalogues and other printed matter that had the sole purpose of being suitable research material for use within the privacy of this sanctuary. The room had a way of telling you when it was time to leave—your legs went numb.

Things haven’t changed much today. The youth of today carries on the tradition but instead of taking printed material into the room, they take their laptop computer in with them.

Good things don’t change. The technology just tries to keep pace.

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