Tuesday, December 2, 2008

There's Some Guys You Hold The Bus For

Quote from John Madden - Sunday Night Football - November 30, 2008

Coach Madden was commenting on how some players are worth making exceptions for because they have proven through their hard work in practice and on the field that they will get special treatment. Every championship calibre team in all sports has players who match this description.

On our team, that would include Chuckie, Bozo, Raymond, Infinity and, most recently Maverick.

...Maverick got us accepted in the Pokerstars Business Program today
...gave the team a real lift
...a high quality operation thinks we're worthy
...we're pumped

We'll hold the bus for these guys, if necessary. They have shown that they are in this together. The future looks real bright. It just could be a championship season.

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