Friday, December 12, 2008

D'Slow Cook-Air Is Amazing!

Last time we promised we would give you an update of the new crock pot we purchased as well as the new flexible silicon bread baking utensil. I think you can see that Pierre really likes the crock pot aka slow cooker.

We have been treated to a number of new and very tasty concoctions.

The freezer is almost full. We will probably have to go out and buy some more Ziploc containers to handle Pierre's creations at the pace he is going. We haven't seen him this excited in a long time.

Here's some of the meals he has tried so far.
  • Farmer's Sausages & Potatoes - never had sausages that melted in your mouth before. No knife required.
  • Chicken, Beans & Rice Medley - needed some more liquid. Just a little dry. Might make an interesting alternative cabbage roll filling. The individual flavours don't seem to be absorbed by the overall dish.
  • Pierre's Tomato Vegtable Soup Base - good on it's own. Just add little bits of almost anything to change it up. (Pierre will feature this in an upcoming show)
  • Pork Picnic Roast - $3.09 ($0.99/lb.) Tenderizing a tougher cut of meat. Good out of the pot. We will try some interesting meals with the leftovers. Should get upwards of a half a dozen meals out of this one.
Future meals that we want to try
  • Chili
  • Perogies
  • Cabbage Rolls
  • Meatballs
Baxter tried the new flexible silicon bread "pan". It's hard to call it a pan because it is just as flexible as a wet noodle which means you have to use two hands to control it.

The other pans are going to be added to our Personal Garbage Dump. No sticking, no burning, easy bread removal, easy cleanup. Next purchase will be a muffin pan. We figure you won't have to buy those little paper cups.

Baxter has been experimenting with whole wheat flour with some poor results. Seems this flour doesn't want to rise as easily as white flour. He's gonna' try some blends. We'll get back to you. At least he's getting good at kneeding the dough. He'll share that, too.

We have to make more trips to the grocery store to satisfy Pierre's, and Baxter's newfound curiosity.

...flour, chili stuff, and more 'unny mustard for Baxter and me
...we had to buy more rechargeable batteries. They are not cheap but they will be a better way to spend money in the long run
..."Much better for our overcrowded landfill sites" - Savoia the Save the Earth Guy

...not another new guy

Easy guys! One at a time. Stop confusing our fans.

...nice going Chuckie, on the graphic presentation in this story

If Acquire Photoshop then Result(Object) > Now

Let's go take a peak at The Coffee Shop

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