Thursday, December 4, 2008

Murphy Lives In The Internet

I'm sure by now you are more than familiar with Murphy's law. If you aren't, the link here with Wiki will give you way more information than you asked for but it does explain the concept.

Taylor was trying to write something on his site about our new internet friend, gordo and another story about the golf course police. So he went banging away on the editor that they provide (it's a lot more complicated than this one). He took the same approach he did in the other stories he wrote and they were fine. 

But when he pushed the save button, Murphy jumped out in front and blocked the move and vwoop all his formatting and line breaks all magically disappeared. So he didn't give up. He tried it all over again— and the same thing happened. Even got Chuckie to put in HTML code for line breaks and vwoop they magically disappeared when we saved the edit. Murphy got us again.

So Taylor calls a huddle with Chuckie and Maverick. They kick it around and come up with a pretty neat plan. Instead of trying to find support (which you usually can never find), they decide to write another story explaining the problem in detail. We used our friend up here to get some attention.  It's all sitting on the homepage.

Why Does It Do That?

We'll see who drops by and comes to our rescue. We did put out feelers in the forum and I think we sent an email to somebody in support. We'll see who comes to our aid first.

...pretty nifty guys
...loook out Murphy, we don't get mad, we get even

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