Friday, December 5, 2008

Don't Shop on Friday

Today we got out of the house and got some fresh air. Batteries are getting low and we needed some different fuel for a change—fresh fruit and vegetables, maybe chicken and beef. Pierre used up all of his "holive oil."

Pierre was much happier after we introduced him to you the other day. He decided to show his appreciation by making something different and also giving himself a treat or two. Pierre went out and bought a slow cooker and one of those silicone bread pans. He likes sharing with you and promised to let you know how this worked out. We got Raymond a new pair of track pants and some long sleeve t-shirts. He works better when he's comfortable.

John the Golf Course guy bought a toy truck for the toy drive at the upcoming Christmas party. He thought it was a good cause. Kids should get toys for Christmas. Don't buy them stuff they really need. Buy them something that will tweak their imagination. Encourage them to dream.

But everybody else seemed to have the same idea. Stores were pretty busy. It is December. Lorenzo fancied a really attractive sales rep at the local grocery store. We reminded him that she was half his age, much too pretty and looked like she could be high maintenance, based on her wardrobe. He never learns.

Pierre was well behaved when he was in the kitchen stuff section of the local crappy tire store. The section is his toy store. He got the pan for Baxter and was looking for something new for Luigi...

Oh sorry, we are so rude. Baxter and Luigi are Pierre's assistants. Baxter the Baker does bread, muffins and cookies, so far. He's gonna' work on expanding the selection soon.
Tartufo, the Sing in the Kitchen Guy, helps Pierre prepare the stuff. you can't tell where he's from

It's time to get back to work. Maverick wants to send out some invitations to friends to come and visit Pierre. Chuckie's working on his computer art. Taylor's fixed the problem in his blog. He swears all computers are female—they do pretty much what whey want when they want. You don't try and understand them, you just learn to live with their ever changing emotions.

Oh shoot. We forgot to get Maverick his business card stuff and more rechargeable batteries. Yep, they don't last forever. Well, we got another excuse to get some fresh air. Maybe Monday. If you think Friday's bad, never shop on a weekend in December if you can help it. All the crazies are out then.

Gotta' go. See yah.

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