Sunday, December 7, 2008

Pierre's Make Anytin' Wit It Sauce

...Bonjour mon ami!

Today, we make da sauce. What you don' use today your gonna' freeze in small containers to make a quick meal a nudder day.

Pierre's Make Anytin' Wit It Sauce


1 and a 'alf to 2 pounds of lean groun' beef
1 can of prepared tomato sauce
1 finely chopped hunion
groun' pepper
a little sea salt

an' if you like
1 finely chopped green or red pepper
some finely chopped celery

Put da beef and hunion in a 6 cup pyrex bowl
Microwave on 'igh for 5 minoots
Break up da cooked groun' beef with a wooden spoon
Season with lots of pepper and a little salt
Empty da can of tomato sauce and mix dem all togedder
Microwave on low for 1 'our
Put the finished sauce into 1 cup ziploc containers and freeze for lader use

Here are some tings you can make wit dis sauce. Some are faster dan udders. It depends on 'ow much time u have to prepare your meal
  • on top of any pasta
  • on bread, 'ow u say, Sloppy Joes
  • on Pierre's Pizza
  • Pierre's Shepherd's Pie

Dat's eet!
Goonight my friends
See you nex' time
Bonsoir mes amis

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