Friday, December 19, 2008

The Quiet Stooge

Bozo recently wrote an article in his blog entitled Pat Quinn, A Wise Man & The 3 Stooges. It's about caring which a lot of guys on the Team do a lot more now.

The reference to the 3 Stooges is not what you think. Although the real 3 Stooges share some of the same characteristics as the "goofballs" that Bozo wrote about, these guys are friends of the Team.

One is Luigi Tartufo. We both agreed on that at the Christmas party.

Another is hard to find right now because he's found, what the Team hopes is, his special lady. So his Lorenzo the Lover is playing both ways, and on Special Teams, but he still makes time for his friends.

I used to refer to Luigi and the other guy as "Chooch & Chong". It's a reference to the strange comedy duo of Cheech and Chong but with an Italian twist. Chooch (spelled phonetically here) is a loose translation for a donkey or jack ass which is synonymous with the real 3 Stooges. It's not about being a dork or a donk or an a#@hole, it's that they like to have fun.

And then there's the 3rd guy in this Special Team. You see his picture above. I don't think I've ever seen him in a picture by himself. Ryan is seen here with his special lady, Kath, at the Christmas party. These two are hard to separate. They are so right for each other. I think they are going to make wonderful parents.

Corky the Customer Service Guy says he reminds him so much of what he was like in his days on the Team.'s like looking in a friggin' mirror

He wasn't referring to any physical resemblance. It has way more to do with the personality traits. Corky was a little shy, particularly with strangers. But when it came to friends, Corky was the first one to buy a round of drinks, urged his friends to do things together, played a lot of sports for fun and just enjoyed life. Ryan does all of these and more.

If you look at his Facebook profile you see he's a member of 25 groups. They're quite diverse. Ryan mixes in with most any group and so did Corky. Ryan's trying to find a meaningful job in the finance world possibly or something else that fits in with his academic career. He wants it to be fun. That's why he works at the golf course. It's fun.

Ryan is well on his way to having the time of his life. Corky wants to trade with him. He already knows Ryan's response.

No deal. (We both like poker)

Well get around to introducing Luigi and the other guy in another story.

...yep, they've been seen on the Team Bulletin Board
...the other guy was by himself once
...don't think we're gonna' see that again anytime soon


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