Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Introducing Megabyte the Memory Guy

New guy on the team. The title tells you his formal name. We refer to him as Meggy. When he first showed up to the team, we called him Scrappy the Scrapbook Guy. He just collected memories in scrapbooks and photo albums. Keepsakes really. Just stuff to look at and smile.

He ended up on the practice squad. He's starting now—Defensive End, sometimes Offensive Guard. Good players get to play both ways on this team.

Meggy's about learning from our past experiences, the good and the bad, what plays worked and what didn't, wins and losses. He reminds us of how important history is in the development of the team. That's what makes us unique.

Meggy will never become Giggy because he just can't retain all that information, so we have a computer to take care of that. The teams getting older. It's getting harder for Meggy to recall stuff with the increased playing time of Raymond, Infinity, Chuckie, Taylor, Bozo and a lot of the rest of the team. Not to mention all the injuries the team has sustained over the years. to find a way to get the rest of the guys more playing time
...oh well, one at a time

Memory chips are cheap today. Last time we looked they were on sale for about 3 cents a megabyte. When the team first starting using computers, memory chips were $1,000 a megabyte (circa 1983-4, Meggy isn't quite sure).

Wonderful phenomenon that takes place in the computer industry all the time. You get more for less. Seems every time we get a new computer, the stuff costs less and does way more. Can't say I know of any other industry where this happens. Maybe you do. Drop us a note in the comments box. Raymond might write about it and he will give you credit for the idea.

Meggy, welcome to the team. Remember when? Probably already used as a blog title. Taylor's using Back in the Day in his site. Yep, Junior is already using that on SPEED. He won't mind, Ned the NASCAR fan says he's getting to be better than even his dad.

...oh yeah, we haven't introduced Ned yet

Meggy, I'll make you a deal. You and Ned go work on a story about some of the old greats, like Ned's first visit to a racetrack, Ted Hogan and Jim Howard, what got him into loving the sport, stuff like that. Deal? OK, good. And he finally go around to it 4 years later.

Guys, nice practice. Go hit the showers!


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