Wednesday, December 10, 2008

That $1.09 Went Far!

Sometimes there are hidden treasures out there if you happen to be lucky enough to trip over them. Its about being in the right place at the right time.

The other day, we were shopping at the local grocery store. It's the medium size full-service type of store, family run with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, a well-stocked meat counter, hot meal and an in-store deli counter.

When the deli counter starts up the meat slicer, they don't give the first few small trimmings to the customer who has waited patiently to place their personal order whether its in grams or pounds. The staff is there to ensure that you are treated properly. Nothing like a happy customer too keep the cash registering ringing (oh yeah, they don't do that anymore).

The set-up trimmings aren't thrown away. They package them in one of those Styrofoam trays and price it a very reasonable rate and then put it in the self-serve deli section. Since it's very large, you have to be very lucky to find these prizes. Sometimes it's mystery meat but mine was a selection of Italian meats and ham—prosciutto or panchetta, or some other interesting and flavourful meat. If my calculations are correct, at $2.99 a pound, I got a little more than a third of a pound of tasty morsels.

Here's how I used it.
  1. Put some of the meat in a fresh bun purchased at the same nice store and made a sang- a-weech as Luigi calls it.
  2. Chopped some of the meat up into small bits, chopped a sliver of onion, added it to 2 eggs and some milk. Microwave on medium for 4 minutes and you have a western omelette.
  3. Chopped some more and put into Pierre's Make Anyting Wit It Vegtable Soup Base (Pierre will tell you about that later. Makes it in the new crock pot we got the other day. Outstanding!)
  4. Microwaved some of Pierre's cold MAWIV Soup Base out of the crock pot and chopped the last of the meat, a fresh sprig of parsley from Guiseppe's window box (oh yeah, we have to introduce Guiseppe the Gardener later. Next spring is probably a good time)
  5. And every time we took a little bite for the guy doing the preparation. Kind of like a kitchen sales tax.
The team says that's kind of like that guy in that big book from way before they were born.'s called the Bible, you bozos


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