Saturday, December 6, 2008

He's Different

New guy just arrived at practice today. We think different is a little bit of an understatement. His name is Otto the Out-of-Left-Field-Guy. What he brings to the team is a unique approach to thinking outside the box.

...more like outside the boxcar

He's not much on tradition, conventional game plans, the tried-and-true approach. He loves trick plays, the blitz and on-side kicks. All good choices if they aren't overused. He makes Killer look like a choir boy.

Most of the guys love him. Infinity found him hanging around on the internet. Maverick thinks he's gonna really help in attracting more fans. Chuckie was instrumental in developing his press photo. Fabrizio was introducing him around on Facebook. Pierre won't let him in his kitchen.

Otto tried out for the team a long time ago. I told him the team wasn't ready for him yet. OK. Otto, we're ready.

Welcome to the team.

We found Bozo and Otto playing full-contact scrabble. Interesting what they came up with.

...uneek is spelled with a q, you bozo

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