Sunday, December 7, 2008

Bozo is a Sports Fan

This blogging thing is really catching on with the team. You already know that Taylor's got his own address, Stuff123. Well guess what, Bozo has decided to try his hand at blogging in the world of sports on the Fox Sports site. The title is real simple Bozoplay's Blog

Needless to say, it's focus will be the sporting world. To get him started, he's going to draw on the help of the rest of the team and create some links to this site and to Taylor's. Maverick thought that it could help draw some more fans to Bits and maybe some to Stuff.

...don't hold your breath, Taylor
...we're talkin' about sports fans here, not rocket scientists
...just kidding, you bozo

It will be in keeping with the tone here on Bits, "keep it simple stupid" but won't make attempts at humour as often as is tried here. Raymond the Writer is going to help Bozo to show the world that Bo is a lot brighter than what most people think. It's another new challenge for Raymond as well. He's got another hat to wear.

Good luck, Bo. You never know. They might start calling you that at Fox once you make the front page.

Bozo wants Fox to read Mice Print. Take it easy big boy. Wait till they start asking for advice.


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