Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Learning By Poking Around

That's pretty much the way I've learned stuff throughout my lifetime. It does have its good and bad sides.

...kinda' explains why we didn't become an electrician or go work for the gas company

The graphic you see here (upper right), is something that Chuckie the Computer Geek developed by poking around. He took a graphic that he found on the internet and just started playing with colour saturation, hue, contrast and other image qualities until he found something that he liked. Pretty creative.

In another story My First Computer, I told you how we got into computers and learned by doing. Programming computers is nothing more than a simple logic sequence—if, then, else.

It goes like this—if something takes place then you do this else you do something else. The trick is keeping the something else under control or it ends up sending your computer into an endless loop. I'm sure you all have experienced your computer locking up and more than once. If you haven't, you probably still use a slide rule (go to Wikipedia at this link Slide Rule Wiki's got a Coffee Shop you know, right in their masthead. They're not ashamed to show it)

My current poking around learning program is blogging. As I write this I've been at it about a week. I think we're doing pretty well. In fact Taylor has opened up another site Stuff123 where he's going to speak in his language. Remember that cool teacher that got you sitting up in your chair because it was interesting, fun and you could understand it. That's the approach in this blog. (First day was today). You'll see some of the stories repeated but with a little different take. The sites a little more formal too. I think the Brits and Germans might like it better than this one.

...yah, a lot of people don't get me
...I think the hair and the big shoes scare them
...I'm just having fun

I'm way past the formal training programs that are offered out there. I guess I was just disappointed by all the training sessions that I went to that I felt I knew more about the subject than the speaker and I didn't know that much. I was there to learn and they weren't teaching anything that was going to get you to learn more.

So I will continue to poke around and we will share what we find with you. Taylor's gonna' do most of that on the other site but we'll share his findings here.

No, this hasn't been Taylor talking here. He's busy this week over in Stuff123. No, it's Coach speaking. Yep, just Coach—no first name, no last name (you see, that's another story)

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