Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Chuckie's Computer Art

The graphics you see below are arranged in the reverse sequence in which they were altered. The original is at the bottom.

Using Microsoft Office Picture Manager, we first reduced the image size to 400 x 300 pixels and cropped if necessary to get this size (the actual images here were uploaded using a setting of small-centered which reduced them to 200 x 150 and used a minor adjustment in HTML to shift the images up 30 pixels).

The second image, from the bottom, was achieved by adjusting the colour to the orange range and increasing both hue and saturation.

Number 3 is the result of increasing contrast and reducing mid tones.

Number 4 is repeating the procedure in the second image but shifting the colour to the red range.

Number 5 is repeating the procedure in 4 but shifting the colour to red.

The last image, here at the top is the result of increasing contrast and mid tones. Virtually all of the detail is gone. The levels are all a matter of personal taste but usually extreme shifts are required to get a dramatic change.

So the question is why would Chuckie want to do this?

Simple, we write in the two different blogs—both about stuff but with a different focus. This one is looser, more casual, entertaining and sometimes comical. Stuff123 is more traditional, attempting to be more educational, more informational in content, perhaps more provocative. And sometimes we need something for Bozo's blog on Fox Sports to stand out from the crowd.

Here's some ways in which these graphics can be used. Firstly, a lot of them can be imported into Paint and overlay bold type or webdings to change the title approach from the template.

Stuff123's template is somewhat conservative—navy, grey, orange, black and white. That makes 3, 6 & 7 more suitable for that site (Numbering from bottom to top).

If you were writing a story about global warming, then 3 and five might make a good choice to help set the mood. Remember Raymond's philosophy about writing—writing is nothing more than painting pictures with words. Well selective use of the proper picture helps set the tone just as the right colour helps set the mood in a painting.

Go ahead and try it. It's not very difficult as Chuckie knows. Just remember to save with different names. A simple way is to just add a number on the end for each change.

10 Let X = 1
20 X = X + 1
30 Goto 10

That's how Chuckie first learned computer programming back in the day of the punch card. Even the computer geek can be creative even if he can't paint a straight line with a brush.

Tip: To see all the images on your screen at once, continually depress the combination of Ctrl-(minus key) until you can see them all. Ctrl-(zero) will restore your page to normal view. Conversely, Ctrl-(plus key) will increase the image/type size on your screen.

You just got a lesson in how to adjust any browser story to a level of viewing that you prefer.

It's handy for us older, blinder types.

Class dismissed.

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