Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Difference Between Bozo and a bozo

I was looking for a way to write this article. It wrote itself today. His name is Sean Avery. He could be the poster boy for the definition of a bozo.

My oldest brother cautioned me about writing about Bozo and bozo. He said your readers won’t get it. I think he doesn’t give you enough credit.

You see Bozo is a clown. He’s fun. He loves people. He just wants to make them laugh. That’s what makes him wear those big shoes, the orange hair, the bulbous nose, He is not afraid to laugh at himself. He makes friends easily.

A bozo is an idiot. He thinks he’s funny. Little does he know that people see right through his weak attempts at humour. The bozo looks down at other people. He just wants to dominate them. He laughs at other people. A bozo wouldn’t know what a friend really is.

Professional hockey players earn a lot more now than they did in the day when I dealt with them as a representative for an equipment manufacturer. For the most part, they treated you with respect and still do today. It’s not their fault that owners choose to pay them exorbitant salaries for playing a simple game. Generally, they work at earning that salary and the fans' respect.

But some of them have simple minds. Case in point is Mr. Avery. His attack on former girlfriends was exactly what a bozo does.

I wonder what he will be doing in his next career. 

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