Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Is This Page 4?

Where did the phrase "He doesn't know if it's Tuesday or Page 4" come from? I remember it in the context of someone who is so confused that they don't really know where they are in the whole scheme of things, (much like the current world economy).

I posed this question to the team. Their responses were mostly in the form of a lot of head scratching and "I don't knows". All except for Infinity. He said let me "google" that.

Google is a relatively new word to the entire community. Infinity and Chuckie went and looked it up for us.

Main Entry: google1
Part of Speech: v
Definition: to search for information about a specific person through the Google search engine
Example: She googled her high school boyfriends.
Etymology: trademark Google
Usage: googling n

Source: thesaurus.com

Raymond highly recommends this site to all writers. He uses it religiously when he's looking for the right colour in his palette.

Infinity didn't have much luck. He got a lot of stuff from a computer programmers forum that even Chuckie couldn't help us with. More head scratching. He typed "iif" at the start. Like most of us, Chuckie has fat fingers.

You have to be careful what you type when you google. We have a friend that lives in a relatively new golf course community on a street called Bobby Locke lane. He didn't know who Bobby Locke was/is. We googled it a while back and determined that he was a South African profesionnal golfer of note that was the originator of the golf phrase "Drive for show and putt for dough".

Our friend must have fat fingers like Infinity. He typed "boob" in at the beginning instead of bob.

Didn't get what he was looking for.

...I'm gonna' go try that right now

We also googled "stuff about life"—370 million choices. Raymond has a lot of stuff to write about.

And we googled "BitsByBozoplay"—only 3 (and still only 10 after more than 4 years). Maverick's got a big grin on his face about that one. He came up with the name.

One is about the originator, Bozoplay's profile on Blogger, the other two links to stuff about life. Interestingly enough, one of them is dated on John the Golf Course Guy's 60th birthday. Neat.

The team now has two birthdays to celebrate.

The logo at the top was borrowed from the following sourceGoogle Logos Collection

We had only one comment. Wow! Take a look for yourself.



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